Kathleen Bourne

Hi, I'm the one and only behind K-Bo Jewelry.

Victoria, BC Canada is my home.

I grew up involved in the arts.

I used to think I was going to be a spy, interior designer, ballet dancer & primary teacher.

I am thrilled to be living my jewelry dream!

I love the ocean & feel so lucky to live near it. I am currently obsessed with my dog, Kona.

I can't live without my core humans, hugs & coffee.

I am vegan for our future, my health and the animals.

I tend to hibernate indoors in the winter months & float on lakes, sell my jewelry and bicycling around in the summer.

I can't resist smelling every rose I pass and finding stillness in wind storms.

I find joy in the little things & hope to share joy with others.

Thank you for being here and for supporting my dream!

K-Bo Jewelry

K-Bo jewelry began with the yearning to create. My love for gemstones and the way the solder flowed under the torch's flame was all the magic I needed to be entranced by the metalsmith process.

Falling into jewelry making was somewhat a fluke and has since become my biggest interest & dream!

Much of my jewelry is inspired by the sea, the sky and faraway lands. Architecture is also an influence in my work.

Most of my jewelry is made out of Canadian sterling silver and 14k gold-fill, although I also work in yellow, white and rose gold (10-20 Karat) on request.

I strive to bring good quality handmade jewelry to you & your loved ones.

Have a peek at my work! Something might make your heart skip a beat or bring a smile to your face!