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What Clients are Saying

 I'm not sure if I ever told you, but when I know I'm going to have a challenging day, I put on my "big girl hoops" (the custom size ones you made for me) and that helps me manifest confidence to get through it. Just thought you'd like to know!


 I'm always happy with my jewellery from Kathleen. Every design is original and beautiful her stone rings are my favourite. Her custom pieces are perfect for finding jewelry that you will love. She's able to create pieces that are unique and just for you. I highly recommend buying jewellery from her!


 It is my favourite jewelry EVER! Simplistic, dainty, beautiful, elegant & made with love!


 You were amazing! Thank you for my necklace and helping create my ideas! It’s gorgeous!


Kathleen! We got our BEAUTIFUL pieces!!! Thank you so so much! I absolutely love both of them and my mom adores her anklet. I'm so grateful!  My mom hasn't let a day go by with her anklet and I've gotten so many compliments on my earrings.

Hannah Mae

I got the necklace and the ring yesterday. I LOVE it ! The necklace is so delicate, perfect for everyday use. Thank you!


 My fav piece that I never take off is made by you!


I received my necklace & the ring for Brenda today!! Thank you so much they are perfect. I can't wait to give Brenda her ring tomorrow!!


I love my K-Bo Babies!!!